7th R.R.F.S. 


I lived off post during my time at the 7th. The people of the village were a delight to be around. I met Richard (Howie) Howard while at Ft. Monmouth. We were both going through Crypto school and both assigned to ASA. We ended up at Keesler together and finally at the 7th. Figure the odds on this! We were roomates at Keesler and split the rent on a hooch in Thailand. Howie and I were both avid photography nuts so a great many pictures were taken during our time there. The real problem is deciding which ones to show! Decisions, decisions.....

Well, here goes nothing.

   LEFT: Our hooch. Howie and I actually helped in its construction.
    CENTER: Richard Lester Howard known to one and all as 'Howie"
RIGHT: 'The Bomb Sight'. If you have to ask you weren't there.

LEFT: Howie relaxing with the cat.
CENTER: Yours Truly doing what I did best.
RIGHT: Dennis Wilson, my trick chief, and his wife-to-be.

LEFT: Buddhist temple in Nong Sung.
CENTER: Stan Miller standing next to a termite mound! As I recall, Stan was over 6 feet tall.
RIGHT: Howie sitting on a charcoal oven. They made their own charcoal in clay ovens.

LEFT: Elementary school on the way to the hooch. The Thai's loved to have their picture taken. I nearly caused a riot at the school! All of the kids mobbed the fence, much to the teachers dismay.
RIGHT: "The Strip" was located directly across from the front gate. There were a few shops located here, but it was primarily bars and whore houses.