Take one rainy morning, a pile of cardboard boxes, a utility knife, and a hot glue gun. Stir it all together and you wind up with a ferret castle. It is a really easy and straightforward job. Only your imagination and the number of boxes you can acquire will limit the outcome. All four of my ferrets love to play in and on it.

The first step is to stack the boxes to see how they fit and get a basic idea of how it will turn out. Unless your memory is better than mine, make a drawing or take a picture of it. Take a magic marker and mark where the boxes come together. This allows you to align the openings between the boxes. In addition to the several openings and air vents you can see there are several openings cut inside. Once you have everything laid out and cut simply start gluing them together. One note of caution: make VERY sure that you clean up all of the glue 'strings'. Hot glue is a real PIA for leaving threads of glue strung about. Knowing ferrets there is no doubt in my mind that they would eat it.

This is the finished product. Just a bunch of boxes that I collected. The cardboard tube came from a local carpet shop. Carpet and linoleum come on large cardboard tubes. This amounts to trash for the dealer and they will be happy to supply you with as much as you will need. The following are a few pictures of Slinky and Weasel playing with their new toy.

I can just hear Ying Sway. "What the hell is THIS! Those ferrets have all the fun!"