To the Rantings of a Confirmed Conservative

As a confirmed conservative, I am often amused at the Liberal element. They are so proud of their "enlightened views". Yet, if one dares to point out differences between viewpoints, the response is often a forthright frontal attack. I committed this "sin" the other day. All I did was to point out a difference in way a certain item was viewed. I was immediately attacked for "blaming" the Liberals. Sounds like a serious case of misplaced anger to me. If he was that upset, perhaps he should reassess his beliefs. Something is seriously wrong when a person considers themselves under attack simply because I don't agree with their views. In other words, don't blame me for your hang-ups.

I found a good example on a web site the other day:


This page contains Liberal material that may be
hazardous to those who can no longer think.

The purpose of this page is to inform, arouse, infuriate or otherwise coaxe
people to consider new ways of looking at controversial issues. If you are
unable to tolerate new ideas or to consider any opinions except your own,
leave now before you wake up!

An interesting viewpoint. Liberalism is based upon "autonomy of the individual". Provided, of course, that you think like they do! I beg to differ with this persons idea of a Conservative. I am well read, very aware of the politics of our country, and have an IQ of 135. Rest assured, I am well able to think, regardless of the accusations of the "enlightened".

I am so sick and tired of hearing people yell "They owe us this, that, or the other." I have a news flash for you; I am very much a part of 'they' and I don't owe you a bloody thing! The only thing that you are owed is the right to find gainful employment to support youself. If you so covet what we have, get off of your lazy ass and earn a living. I think the best disertation that I've seen on this subject comes from State Representative Mitchell Kaye from Cobb County, GA. who wrote the "Bill of No Rights". It pretty well sums it up.

I do not accept homosexuality as an alternative life style. I don't believe that they should be discriminated against. Nor should they be assaulted. Before you start yelling "homophobic" I suggest that you look up the meaning of the word. A "phobia" is an unfounded fear of something. I don't fear their way of life. I do find it disgusting and repugnant. Not liking something is not, per se, being afraid of it. There is nothing that requires me to accept or approve of the way they live. I consider myself a Christian and believe in the teachings of the Bible. And, before you start yelling about "stoning your children" I suggest that you reconsider. Every time the Bible is brought up, this is the first line of defense. This comes from the Old Testament as a part of the Mosaic laws. Most of these were refuted by Christ. The harsh, unyielding punishment of these laws was to be replaced by love and forgiveness. HOWEVER, not all were abandoned. Homosexuality was one of these. According to the New Testament, we are not to even break bread with them.

I do not believe in learning another language to communicate with immigrants. If they wish to live here, well and good. But, they can damn well learn English. I, myself, am only 3rd generation in this country. My great-grandfather came from Germany in the 1890's. He did, however, learn English. He didn't sit on his ass and expect everyone else to learn German. I truly fail to understand why it isn't a requirement for receiving citizenship.

I do not accept hyphenated Americans. Your are either an American or you're not. Take your pick. Most Blacks haven't had an African descendent in the last 12 generations. I'm third generation. Does that make me a German-American? Hell no! I'm an American first, last, and always. Keep your culture and heritage alive, by all means! I'm quite proud of my German ancestry. (With the exception of the Hitler requiem!) But my being an American comes first, not a hyphenated second.

Guns are not the great scourge of mankind. It is the murdering SOB's using them. Instead of punishing the criminals and KEEPING THEM IN PRISON, there are those who wish to punish everyone EXCEPT the criminals. I have never committed an illegal act in my life. Why should I be held accountable for what others do? Far more more people die each year from alcohol abuse than accidental gun fire. Where is the great outcry against alcohol? Why do the cities with the most oppressive gun control laws suffer the highest crime rates? "The guns are brought in from other states!" Why don't these states have high crime rates? After all, the guns are available locally and don't have to be shipped in. In Texas, we have a concealed carry law. Our crime rate is dropping!! Of course, we also have laws that require a convicted criminal to serve at least half of his sentence before being paroled. My big question is this: How is outlawing gun ownership going to stop the criminals from getting them? The government couldn't stop alcohol and hasn't stopped drugs from being smuggled into this country. What is going to stop gun smuggling? Spare me the tired old cliché about drugs being brought in by mules. Drugs are brought into this country by the train, truck, plane, and boat load every day. And, I feel safe in my belief that during prohibition people didn't walk into this country with bottles of booze stuck up their asses! When someone can give me a legitimate explanation how it will keep criminals from having them, I'll be happy to listen.

I will admit that there are idiots in this country who have no business owning guns. They leave them available to their kids. They "hide" it in their underwear drawer. This is absolute lunacy. The kid either kills himself or someone else. Why the hell aren't the parents prosecuted? The general response is "Well, they have suffered enough!" BULLSHIT!! Throw their sorry asses into prison. Put THIS on the network news. If we can't prevail upon their intelligence to safeguard weapons, maybe the thought of prison time will convince them. And, there is no excuse for not keeping them locked up. If you can't afford the means to safeguard your guns you don't have any business owning them. I realize that not everyone can afford a full-blown gun safe. Mine cost nearly two grand. They can go as high as five grand for the ones with the fancy paint jobs. But, there are cheaper ways! Go to Sam's and buy a small safe. They cost all of about two hundred bucks. Lock up your hand guns and a principle operating part from your rifles and shotguns. Rifles don't function well without the bolt! Unless your kid is SERIOUSLY into B&E they are quite secure.

Another problem with kids and guns: parents wanting to "shield" their kids. I have to admit that I fell into this trap in the beginning. Frederick didn't have any idea that I owned a firearm until he was 4 years old. After thinking about it, I decided that this was the wrong approach. People are curious. Kids are much more so. After all, something like 60% of what we know is learned by the time we are six. One day, I pulled out a revolver and started cleaning it. That kid was all over it like white on rice. His eyes were the size of saucers. I showed him how to make sure it wasn't loaded. Right then, I started drilling him on gun safety. I repeated this operation several times over the coming weeks. After he saw and handled a few guns, he got over his curiosity. It got to the point where he would walk by and not pay any attention to what I was doing. At that point, I feel that he was MUCH more likely to walk away from a bad situation. Get rid of the curiosity and let the training take over. Curiosity can overpower intelligence and training in an adult. It is considerably more dangerous to a child.

Another interesting aspect are the "Great Ones" from the land of Hollywood. They decry gun ownership at every opportunity. It does not, however, stop them from glorifying guns in a movie when the price is right. It would appear that their lofty morals are for sale! Or, could it be, that "they" are so much better than "we" are? Either way, their hypocrisy makes me want to vomit.

I've always believed that Liberalism is self-serving. After all, if nothing is wrong, if everyone has the right to whatever they like without concern of recrimination, then no one can reproach ME for anything I do. It used to be that moral turpitude would destroy an actors career. Now, they are canonized for it. Shack up, drop a bastard kid or two, and move on. All is right with the world!! After all, who REALLY wants to be encumbered with responsibility. And, since it's acceptable for them, it has to be acceptable for the rest of society.

People are quick to blame movies, music, schools, and all sorts of banal bogies for the way our children are today. It basically comes back to the parents. It is NOT the responsibility of the Village to raise our son. It is OUR responsibility! We made him, we had him, and we'll raise him. My wife was in the grocery one day. Frederick wanted something from the grab rack. He was about 4 at the time. My wife said no and that ended it. A woman behind my wife was totally amazed. She said her 12 year old wouldn't have responded as well. Leslie commented that Frederick was well aware of the fact that he would get his butt paddled if he didn't. The woman was aghast. "Well, WE don't believe in that!" Leslie's response was "Maybe that's your problem." People who react with disdain to disciplining a child are generally the one's who have monsters that I wouldn't allow in my house.

What are the children being taught today? Morals? Hardly. It's a good possibility that Mom & Dad are shacked up. The fact that it is glorified on TV and in the movies does not make it right. But, the kids will think so. The only things that matter are new cars, designer clothes, and fancy houses. The fact that it takes both parents working 60 hours per week is immaterial. How many parents today have no idea where their kids are or what they are doing? Much less with whom they are doing it. They get passed through school simply because they show up. They have no idea what the words responsibility, integrity, morality, or respect mean. If children are not taught respect, how can they be expected to care about others? For that matter, without respect there is no self-respect. How can you expect them to care about themselves? Children are starving for attention. They will get it any way and any place that they can find it. They see all of the famous people on TV. Unfortunately, kids today cannot comprehend the difference between fame and infamy. They kill a schoolmate, rob a store, steal a car, whatever it takes for recognition. And if they are really ambitious, they might shoot up a whole school. They'll be on nationwide news! The networks will dance in the blood of dead kids for weeks. After all, why do people jump off of bridges? There are any number of ways to end your own life. Most would be more pleasant than jumping off of a bridge. Fame on the 6 o'clock news, of course.

If people are so hungry for the answers to our present problems, I can only suggest the they look at home first. Take off the blinders and take a GOOD look! Take an honest, true assessment of the situation, before blaming the rest of the world. No, I'm not politically correct. And, frankly, I don't give a damn. Nor do I have any intention of changing. To those who share my views, welcome! To those who don't approve I have only one suggestion:


© Fred Schroeder, 2001- 2006