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Here is the one that started it all. Well, half of it anyway. Patches is a real beauty and threw a gorgeous litter. We had an unused bedroom (a.k.a. 'junk room') and turned it over to Patches and her brood. It gave them plenty of room until they were big enough to turn loose in the house. You haven't truly lived until you've had a litter of kittens loose in the house! Unlike puppies, they are no trouble at all and an unending source of entertainment.

Here are all four kittens just as their eyes were opening. There was definitely a Siamese in the mix. In addition to a gray tabby she had two Tortie Points and a Flame Point.

Garfield and Ying Sway having a snack. Patches wouldn't wean the kittens. We finally had to separate them.

The crew chowing down with 'Mom' keeping a close eye on things.

This was Goliath. So named because of his size. At three months he was fully twice the size of the others. He was extremely loveable, very pretty, and my favorite of the bunch. He died inexplicably when he was about three months old.

Another shot of Goliath after they had been turned loose in the house.

Goliath and Ying Sway acting like typical siblings.

The following three are of Garfield. How could anything as cute and cuddly as this grow into a 20 pound monster??!!