What can one really say about Army Basic Training other than "IT SUCKS!"? It was designed by some of the most sadistic SOB's on the planet to be totally miserable and they succeeded admirably. In all honesty, most of it had a reason. They had a very short time to train us. In addition to acclimating us to life in the military, there was a great deal to learn. In many ways it was interesting and down right fun. I was also fortunate in that it was at Ft. Ord located near Monterey, CA. It was a truly beautiful place and had weather to match. I was saddened to hear that it was closed. At the time I was there it was 6th Army HQ as well as a training installation. It was as modern and up to date as any post in the world. Even the WWII barracks that we were in had been completely renovated.